A Whole New World Opens Up!

So here I am writing my very first BLOG!  It’s amazing!  Just a couple of years ago I didn’t even know what a blog was, and now I am writing one!  When you realize that the things that you are writing can be read literally by anyone on the internet, a whole new world opens up!

Anyway, the concept for this blog is really two-fold.  Its immediate purpose is to save my musings on Scripture, sort of a hi-tech Pastor’s Page, with the added bonus of enabling people to respond to them.  But I also figured that it would be a good place to update everyone while Sharla and I are on Honeymoon Phase II, complete with pictures!  So as we trek across the country, this will be an easy way for everyone who cares to keep up with the trip and our experiences.

God bless!

Pastor Will


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One response to “A Whole New World Opens Up!

  1. Sharla Ann Robertson

    Congratulations! I am proud of you! I hope to read wonderful insights from the Word. Love you.

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