The Latest 5/17

Hey, y’all!

What a day!  It has been in the high 80’s with LOTS of blue sky.

Church in Cortez Colorado this morning was VERY good.  We found a vital congregati0n of around 90 with lots of involved kids and youth.  This morning they celebrated their five graduating seniors, including a pot luck to help them to celebrate.  (We didn’t stay.)  Worship was good, and the message from the youth pastor was heartfelt and quite good.

As they say in the old joke, “A funny thing happened on the way to the Grand Canyon.”  Shortly after we left Cortez, we saw a sign for a place called Hovenweep (a Navajo word meaning Deserted Valley) that Sharla had read about and had talked about wanting to see.  It looked to be only about 9 miles away based on the GPS, but it was actually closer to 40 and had us worried a few times that we were lost.  (Lots of backroads, narrow, unlined, through open prairieland, stuff like that).  But eventually we arrived and took a 2 mile hike around the place looking at a lot of stone buildings dated between 1100 and 1300 AD.  Very interesting!

After leaving Hovenweep we drove through some gorgeous red sandstone country on the Navajo Land, including a stop at Four Corners (and yes, we have the picture of both Sharla and I in four places at once all at the same time!)  We had some Navajo Flatbread, bought a few souveniers, looked up Bahazhonie, a Navajo friend of mine who sells his wares there, and then headed for our night’s stop at Kayenta, only about 2 hours away from Cortez, and still 3 hours or so from the Grand Canyon.

The reason for the change was that we noticed in a book that Kayenta is about 20 miles south of a place called Monument Valley, full of all kinds of interesting rock formations, many of which were made famous in old movie westerns.  So we hit town and headed north.  We drove for a little over an hour around Monument Valley on rutted dirt roads that were pretty exciting at times.  (I actually high centered the car on one good sized rock for a second!)  We took lots of pictures (too bad we can only upload about 6 of them – we’ll have to show you the rest when we get home), some of which are spectacular, and drove out after dark.  It was a relief to get back on paved road, I can tell you!

We headed back to Kayenta, grabbed a burger at McD’s, and checked into our motel.  Right this minute Sharla and I are sitting in the parking lot waiting for our laundry to finish so we can get to bed.  (No chairs in the laundry room.)

A couple of interesting facts:  Navajo Land, what used to be known as the Navajo Reservation, is actually a sovereign area that levies its own taxes AND goes on daylight savings time while the rest of Arizona opts out.  (I’m writing this at 10:28 p.m. Arizona time, and 11:28 p.m. Navajo Land Time!)

My cold is pretty much the same.  A pretty lousy night, but not to bad a day, just an occasional cough, but around sundown I started coughing like crazy and my right eye started running again!  Very frustrating!

Keep praying!  God is good, and His creation is BEAUTIFUL!

Love to all,

Pastor Will & Sharla


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