Vacation 2010 – Day 1

What a wild start to our vacation!

Last night we got sidetracked in our preparations, so things took longer than we had planned.  We finally called it quits at 2:00 this morning.  Got up at 7:30 and finished organizing stuff, then packed it all in the car.  It all fit (a miracle!).

We finally left Woodburn at about 10:30 this morning under mostly clear skies.  Before long we could see Mt. Hood.  It had a layer of clouds right at the base, and looked like it was floating on a cloud! Pretty cool!

We wanted to make our first stop Multnomah Falls, but as we approached on the freeway, we saw signs that said “Parking Lot Full.”  I told Sharla that maybe we would see if there were any “late-breaking” spaces, since some people would be leaving, and many wouldn’t even try to stop because of the signs.  But, as we approached the exit into the parking lot, we saw that they had it totally blocked off, with barricades and flashing lights, and signs that said “Ramp Closed.”  Oh well!  At least its something that we can go back and see again when it’s NOT Labor Day.

We made a short stop in Goldendale, Washington to see Sharla’s niece who is 37 weeks pregnant, and has recently had some problems.  We took her a toy that we had bought for the new little one.  We hadn’t let her know we were coming, so there were a lot of surprised faces when they opened the door and saw us.  Only stayed for a few minutes, because we still had a long way to go.

Ate a late lunch on the go, and got here to Nampa at about 9:00 local time, with a very nice sunset filling the horizon behind us.  On the way over, between Baker City and Ontario (specifically around exit 345, hunters!) we saw a BUNCH of mule deer, many without horns, but a couple of spikes, as well as several antelope.  They were right next to the road, so we got a really good look at them.  Kind of cool!

Anyway, everything is going very well.  Tomorrow we are headed across Idaho to West Yellowstone, Montana, where we will spend the night and be ready to tour Yellowstone Park all day on Wednesday.

(By the way, we only took a couple of pictures, and they were of the Gorge, which most people have seen plenty of, so I’m not including pictures on this first blog.  But I expect to have several to post tomorrow!)

Good night, and God bless!


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