Vacation 2010 – Day 14

Went to a Christian Missionary Alliance Church this morning.  Very good – kind of reminded us of our church back home.  About the same size, the same friendly atmosphere, and even the pastor’s preaching style!  Overall a very good worship service, a very good message (Intro to a new series on Colossians), and a good time of fellowship.  I was even asked by the pastor to do the closing prayer.

Most of the rest of the day was road trip.  We left at 11 a.m. right after service and a donut with the congregation.  It was 5 1/2 hours to Hebron, Kentucky, where the Creation Museum is, and where our home for the next five nights is located.  It’s a VERY nice hotel and a VERY nice room.  One of the young ladies at the front counter where we checked in found out that we were here for the Answers for Pastors Seminar.  She looked at me very seriously and asked, “So, do you teach a literal 6-day creation?”  I assured her that I did.  She smiled broadly and said, “All right!  When I come to Oregon, I’m going to come to YOUR church!”  She is a strong (maybe “powerful” would be the right word) Christian, whose husband also seems to be a powerful man of faith, possibly on his way into the ministry.  We talked about the things of God and our trip for a few minutes.

Sharla took me to the local Cracker Barrel for dinner.  (I had never been to one.)  It was very good, but there were so many things going on and so many things hanging on the wall that it just about made my ADD go nuts!  Back at the motel we decided to soak for a few in the hot tub.  It was just us for about 12 minutes, and then an older gentleman came in and entered the tub.  About that time, we had both had about all we could take.  (It was very hot – felt good, but 15 minutes was about the maximum.)  As we were leaving, I remembered the sign that said that no one could be in the hot tub or pool alone – two people at all times minimum.   So Sharla and I decided to stay, dangle our feet, and find out a little bit about this man.  Turns out he is from Vancouver, Washington, and is doing an 8,000 mile loop very much like ours.  The main difference is that he is seeing most of the stuff and relatives on his way BACK, while we did most of it on our way over.  We had a good converation for about 10 or 15 minutes, and then another couple came in, so we closed out our conversation and left.  What a blessing to get to meet and talk with this man, and realize that, as big as this country is, you can still meet people from “home” a long way from home!

Tomorrow the plan is to do the whole day at the Creation Museum.  Seminar starts on Tuesday.

By the way, even though the countryside around here is gorgeous (high hills stretching for miles in all directions, densely covered with all kinds of different trees, some starting to change colors), we didn’t get any pictures today – just lots of focus on driving.

Good night and God bless.


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