Vacation 2010 – Day 22

Today was a LOOOOOONG driving day.  We left Oklahoma City at about 9 a.m. Central time and headed due west.  I have spent a lot of time in OKC over the years, because that is where the FAA Academy is located.  If you add up all the time I spent there, it totals almost a whole years, and covers all four seasons (Summer, fall, winter, and tornado).  But I have never really been to the west of OKC, so from there all the way to here was a new experience for me.  Sharla had been in Albequerque for bowling several years ago, but it was a fly in – fly out kind of thing, so she got to see a whole lot of new territory, too.

Western Oklahoma and northern Texas look a whole lot alike: rolling hills, lots of green grass, and rivers with lots of red clay in the bottoms.  Also across northern Texas we were surprised to see cornfields (all dry and ready to harvest), and cotton fields, with lots of little white bolls.  Neither one of us really thought of Texas as a cotton producer!  We ate lunch outside of Amarillo and headed on west.

When we entered New Mexico, we picked up an hour, since it is in the Mountain Time Zone.  Lots of very pretty terrain, with mesas, gulches, and lots and lots of juniper-covered mountains.  We noticed at one point that we were at 4600 feet above sea level, without ever really being aware that we were climing that far – just lots of ups and downs, but apparently the ups were higher than the downs were!  Before long we were all the way up at over 6000 feet!

We got to Gallup just after sunset (8 p.m. local time) and decided to call it a day (that’s 12 hours on the road, and we are both pretty wasted!)  We are just 16 miles from Arizona, and about 4 1/2 hours from Sharla’s dad’s house.

Good night and God bless.


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