Vacation 2010 – Day 25

We left Boulder City this morning under cloudy skies, but the day turned out warm anyway, and cleared off as the day wore on.

The trip north to Fallon was uneventful – it was before that that I got into trouble.  I decided that I really needed to clean the bug splats off the windshield (there were a LOT of them), and so while the tank was filling with gas, I got out the squeegee and got to work.  After I was done, I was going to swing over to the mini-mart and pick up Sharla, who was buying a couple cups of ice for our water.  As I pulled away from the pump, I heard a strange noise, and realized that I hadn’t taken the nozzle out of the gas tank.  I had pulled the whole hose out of the pump!  I went in to the mini-mart (red faced!) and explained what had happened.  The attendant was nice and told me that he would fix it in a few minutes.  (Apparently the hose is built to come out if it is pulled on to minimize damage when people drive off like I did.)

We passed through some very wild looking country, with mountains of literally all kinds of colors and textures.  Gorgeous photo ops!

We arrived in Fallon at about 3:30 and checked into our motel.  We had made arrangements to meet uncle Jack and aunt Shirley at their house at about 5, and to go to dinner at 6.  We went over a few minutes late and had a great visit, and then they took us out for a very nice steak dinner.  We went back over to their place for a little more visiting, and got back to our motel room at 10.

Tomorrow we should be in Oregon before we stop for the evening.  Both Sharla and I are very eager to get home.

Good night and God bless.


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