Day 3 – Sun Valley Indian School

Friday dawned bright and clear in Tonopah, and, despite a REALLY late night, we were all in the vehicles and ready to hit the road by 8:30 in the morning.  The high points of the trip south were the Death Valley Candy and Nut Co., a candy store that is about the size of our whole church  building, a stretch of road north of Las Vegas where the wind whipped the van all over the road; rush hour in Las Vegas; Hoover Dam; and dinner in Flagstaff.

Hoover Dam was confusing, because they changed all the roads due to security.  You can still drive across the dam, but then the road dead-ends just a short distance into Arizona, and you have to turn around, go BACK over the dam, and over the new bridge.  At the turn-around we stopped and baked…uh… ATE lunch in the baking heat, with a wonderful view of the dam and the lake.  The trip across the bridge was disappointing because, while it is really high and spectacular, the side walls are so high you can’t see anything on either side!

As we got near Flagstaff, we decided to have dinner at Cracker Barrel.  When we got there, our hearts sank, because there must have been 30 people or more just hanging out outside, looking like they were killing time waiting for a table.  I went in to ask how long of a wait it would be.  They asked how many were in our party, and I thought “oh, no,” because we had TEN!  But, to my surprise, the hostess said, “There is no wait, I can seat you now.”  We had a wonderful dinner, and then hit the road.

We got into Sun Valley Indian School at just after 11 p.m.  It’s a HUGE place, with lots of buildings, but we quickly located our 2-story dorm building, attached to the gym, and moved in.

Today was a “get acclimated” day.  Our coordinators, Fred and Vera, gave us a tour this afternoon, which was very interesting, and lined out the jobs that we will be doing next week.  A few of us drove the 40 miles to Winslow to get Sharla’s glasses fixed and to pick up some needed groceries.  This evening we took a bigger tour, this time getting up close and personal with horses, and sheep, and American avocets (which is a wading bird).

Tomorrow we will be leaving at 8:00 sharp for church services on the reservation, at a town called Nazlini, about 2 hours away.  We will be singing as a group during the service (Victory Chant and You Are My All-in-All), and then we will have lunch with them (Navajo tacos, made with fry-bread shells.  YUM!).  The plan is to then go see the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest on the way back to the School.

Everyone is staying healthy, and we are looking forward to tomorrow!  More then!

Elissa & Blondie get to know each other.

Carol gets a big wet one from Junior.

Some of the sheep that DIDN’T go astray.

Our first sunset at Sun Valley.

The three crosses up on the hill.