Work & Witness – Day 5

Well, today was our first workday, and there were LOTS of projects to go around among the 10 of us.  Sharla, Elissa and I weeded a huge playground before lunch, and then painted the main hallway of a house here on the campus in the afternoon.  (We plan to do more weeding tomorrow morning, and more painting in the afternoon, and probably repeat that for the next 4 days.)  Shirley and Marie inventoried the food pantry (and will be doing that for another day or two). Kay helped out in getting the Library in order.  Carol is helping to sort out piles of Campbell Soup labels and boxtops, and will be all week.  And David, Jeremy, and Jenni had the most unfun job of all:  they spent all day chipping off old linoleum tile from one of the classroom floors, so that it can be replaced with ceramic tile.  That job has to be done on hands and knees with hammers and chisels, and will probably last most, if not all, week.

While I was weeding the playground I got stung by a fire ant.  I have been stung by red ants and black ants, but this is something special.  It started out just like a normal ant sting, but quickly escalated to the pain of a bee sting, and the pain hung on for hours.  I finally went to the nurse’s station and got some anti-sting towelettes to use on it, which gradually took away all of the pain.  Not something I want to repeat on a daily basis!

All of us have signed up for KP (kitchen patrol).  2 of us work at each of the three meals each day, and today I worked the lunch meal.  We help get set up, serve, and wash dishes when everyone is done eating.  Not too bad!

By the way, I did get my planner back today.  They called from the church to say that they had indeed found it in the fellowship hall, and had put it in a cupboard for safe keeping.  We coordinated a time, and Sharla & I drove back up to Nazlini to meet with Leonard and his wife, Maria, who take care of the fellowship hall.  We left right at dinner time, and got to the church at 8:00 p.m. reservation time.  Leonard and Maria were both very gracious.  As we got ready to leave, they asked if we could have prayer together, so we all gathered together.  But before we could pray, Leonard gave us his testimony – and what a testimony it was!  (I’ll share it with all of you when we get back.)

Well, it’s almost 11, and I have to still get a shower and get to bed.  Breakfast is at 7:00 a.m. sharp!  God bless you all!

(By the way, I didn’t include pictures tonight because our camera got locked into the house we were painting, and we can’t get to it until tomorrow.  I’ll post them tomorrow.)


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