Work & Witness – Day 7

Today dawned bright and early, very sunny and very warm very early.  The wind that has kept us cool for the last couple of days degraded into a fitful breeze that barely ruffled the leaves.  That made it seem way warmer than it has been.  Still, the work goes on.  Quite a bit accomplished by the team today, including building fences, painting signage, continuing the painting of the house, chipping away more on the tile, etc.

One of the interesting traditions at the school is the cookie breaks.  Every day at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. the whole group of staff and workers heads to the kitchen for chocolate chip cookies.  Kind of a cool thing, even though I can’t eat the chocolate.  (Yesterday they made 3 cookies without any chips in them just for me!)

This evening a group of us went to nearby Holbrook to watch the Navajo dances.  They do this during the summer every night.  When we got there just after 6:30,  we found that the majority of the dancers were kids.  They teach the kids the different tribal dances, the kids and their families make their costumes, and then the kids (and some of the adults, too) perform the dances at the Museum to raise money to pay for their school supplies.  It’s pretty cool.  ALL of the kids were enthusiastic, and some of them were really good!  Elissa came away dancing, too!  While we were there, we bought some Navajo fry bread (think elephant ear without the sugar and cinnamon – but they do have powdered sugar or honey to put on it if you want it), and everyone agreed that it was pretty tasty.  I’ll have to make some for the folks back home when we return.

Closed out the night by a devotional time by Carol, including a couple of group songs.

I would ask your prayers for a couple of our folks – oddly enough, both with some dental issues.  Shirley lost a cap yesterday, and Marie chipped a tooth (on a cookie) and is having some pain with that.  Please pray for freedom from pain, and ability to keep on going.  Thanks so much!

Yours truly hard at work on the kitchen cabinet doors & drawers for the house we are painting.

Kay, at work in the library.

Jenni loves driving the big diesel pick up truck!

Marie, Sharla & Elissa working in the kitchen after dinner.

Some of the girls performing the “Fancy Shawl Dance.” Their costume, including the brightly decorated shawls, represent butterflies.

One of the adult dancers, complete with eagle feathers and face makeup. Pretty cool!




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