Work & Witness – Day 11

We woke up bright an early this morning in Las Vegas and, after a quick breakfast and a very Tetris session of packing the van, we hit the road about 7:30. We got lost trying to find the correct freeway (conflicting GPS information again), but finally headed out of town and toward California.
The trip to the San Joaquin Valley passes through some of the most desolate terrain you can imagine. Everything is dry and seems lifeless, but if you dig down just a little bit, you can find traces of life. It makes me think that some people are just like that: they look so dead and lifeless, but underneath it all is a spark of God’s image, just waiting to be blown into full flame by the Holy Spirit. That’s encouragement to be about the job that God has set for us, of spreading the gospel message far and wide.
After just a couple more adventures, we arrived at Sacramento First Church at 6:45 tonight, and began the process of settling in for the night. Both churches we have stayed at have been extremely gracious, and have even felt blessed that we stayed the night there. We had dinner of hot dogs and chili, and a quick devotional before everyone headed to bed. Our plan is to be on the road by 7 tomorrow morning, which should put us back home between 7 and 8 p.m.
Thanks again for your prayers.


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