Sabbatical Trip – Days 10 & 11

Hey, everybody!

Sorry about the missing blog yesterday, but the day got very long and I got very tired!

We were up and at it pretty early in Chinle, and spent the next several hours touring the north rim of Canyon de Chelly.  There are only 3 viewpoints on the north rim (7 on the south), but it is a longer route, with longer hikes to the viewpoints, and there is still a lot to see.  Very informative, and a lot of historical information at each viewpoint.

After seeing the canyon, we were headed south when we got a call from Gene & Dee Stolberg, letting us know that they would be in the area the next day (today), and they wanted to see Sun Valley Indian School.  That helped us to set our agenda.  We headed east to Window Rock, the capital city of the Navajo Nation.  We got there after dark, so we did some laundry, and then settled into our motel room (which was very nice).  Sharla worked on her school work, and I also did a bit of work on the computer.  Before we knew it, it was 1 am!  So to bed, without posting a blog!

This morning we headed to the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, which had some very interesting and unique displays.  We both came away with a deeper knowledge of some facets of Navajo history.  We then went up to Window Rock itself, not just to see the Rock, actually an arch, but also the Code Talker Memorial at its base.  Both were well worth the trip.  We headed back at about 3 p.m., and were about 35 miles form the School when we got a call from the Stolbergs letting us know that they were 70 miles out.  We made arrangements to meet up, and ended up having dinner at the School.  Most of the students were away at a basketball game, but the 2nd graders and all the staff were there.  We were able to hook up with some of the folks who were here when we did the W&W trip.  (Dinner was pizza with cake or cupcakes for dessert.)

After dinner we talked to the staff, and made arrangements to spend the night (it was too dark to see much by the time we all got here, so we will show the Stolbergs around tomorrow).  They are in one of the RV sites so that they can plug in and not use battery power, and we are back in apartment 12.  We will hook up again at breakfast, and then take the tour.  The plan is then to head back to Nazlini before nightfall.ImageImageImageImage


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