Sabbatical Trip – Day 15 (Catching Up!)

it has been a few days.  At Nazlini we had no internet, and last night in Flagstaff, I simply forgot to make a post!

We returned to Nazlini on Friday, after spending Thursday night at Sun Valley Indian School.  After breakfast with the Stolbergs, Fred, the Work and Witness coordinator, gave us all a very informative tour of the whole facility.  The Stolbergs then left to head south, and we got ready and headed north to the Church at Nazlini.  We found the heaters all still available, and spent a comfortable night.

On Saturday, Sharla worked on her school paper, and in the afternoon we went to Billie’s Acres, an animal farm between Nazlini and Chinle, and run by the brother of two of attenders at the Nazlini Church.  Jasci, the brother, raises miniature horses and donkeys, as well as pot bellied pigs and peacocks!  It was quite a menagerie.  I have to admit that horses and me don’t get along, but the newest arrival, a 5-month-old pony named Sequoia, was just about my speed.  (He’s about the size of my Black Lab, Grace!)  After we visited the farm, we continued on down the dirt road to Chinle, where Burger King had wifi (but no electrical outlets!).  Sharla worked on her paper over dinner until her computer ran out of power, and then we returned to Nazlini for the night.

Sunday was a lot of fun.  We got up early and loaded the car, and were all ready for company when folks started to show up at the church at 8:00.  Sunday School was at 10 (bilingual, mostly in Navajo, but they were good enough to translate for those of us who speak mostly English!), and worship at 11.  I agreed to preach, and Pastor Justin translated into Navajo!  I preached on Entire Sanctification, and had a lot of good feedback, and a few serious seekers at the altar.

After the service, we all gathered for a lunch of Navajo Tacos, made with fry bread instead of tortillas.  They were delicious.  We visited for a while, helped get a card unstuck that had high-centered trying to go up over a rise instead of down the driveway, said our good-byes, and headed for Flagstaff.  The day was beautiful for travel, and got all the way up to 47!

This morning we left Flagstaff at 9:00 headed for the Grand Canyon.  We made several stops along the way to see some Anasazi ruins (very impressive, and you could go right into the rooms!).  We made it to the East Entrance at about 3:30, which gave us 2 hours until sunset to take in several of the viewpoints.  By the way, entry into the park today was free, for Martin Luther King Day!  Sharla and I are staying the night at the Bright Angel Lodge, which is very nice.  We are planning on getting up early and watching sunrise over the canyon in the morning.  We will then look at all of the viewpoints to the west, and then start heading north.  We plan on making it to Boulder City, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas to spend the night.

God bless to all of you.  Please keep praying for safety!ImageImageImageImageImage


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