Sabbatical Trip – Days 17 and 18

Wednesday morning we hit the road bright and early (9is, which was pretty early for us on this trip!), and headed north to Fallon, Nevada, where my Aunt Shirley, Uncle Jack, and cousins live.  We got there just after 5 p.m., and had a very pleasant visit with everyone, a wonderful dinner (Shrimp enchiladas!  Yum!), and a pleasant night’s sleep.

Yesterday morning, we were served a wonderful breakfast before we hit the road for the last leg on our journey.  After our good-byes, we hit the road at about 10.  All of the reports along the way indicated good weather (at least no active snow), so we didn’t anticipate any problems.  We crossed the Sierras with 4-6″ of snow along the road, but none on the road. We came out in Mt. Shasta – the mountain was gorgeous! – and got on I-5 for the final stretch.  About Medford we hit rain, which stayed with us all the way home.  (Ahh, good old Oregon rain!)  We hit our driveway at about 10:05 and, after quickly unloading the car, went straight to bed.  We slept in this morning, and are safely at home, getting ready to go out for a brisk walk.

God is good, and He kept watch over us this whole 4200+ mile trip.  We had a lot of wonderful adventures, saw some stunning sights, met some interesting people, and experienced His blessings in many ways.  We have about 12 days left of Sabbatical, and are planning to use that time to get our schedules planned and implemented.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us.  Your prayers were effective!


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